Monday, March 4, 2024

BUMC has a legitimate warning

BUMC has a warning and a very legitimate one at that. "Avoid danger. Only electric and hybrid Toyota cars sold via BUMC enjoy warranty from the Toyota international factory". OK, so the idea is - do not buy electric or hybrid Toyota cars unless you get them from the BUMC official dealership. Now, if you do so, do not expect BUMC to fix them for free. Furthermore, if anything that happens to you while driving such a car not bought via BUMC, well - only you have yourself to blame. Well, not sure what prompted BUMC to buy such an ad space (whereas prices are relatively cheap, they still cost money) - maybe too many people are trying to get BUMC to get them to fix their cars which they got from private dealerships? Or from abroad (which I doubt to be honest, but still a possibility)? Whatever it is, BUMC makes it clear where they stand.