Friday, February 16, 2024

Comin.... relax don't do it

Photo credit - Georges Serhan

Not sure where to start. Or maybe I am jumping the gun (har har)... But is that a gun in my pocket or is that ad happy to see me? Well, here we are. Comin, the insurance company, has a new ad.... It says "we stand by you" but it also says "you are having an erection". Is it attention grabbing? Yes. Is it the positioning wanted by an insurance company? Well, apparently yes from where they stand (no pun). The ad says "you are having an erection" and underneath "this is our number" just to be clear - and the visual is a man with a magnifier (apparently the size of the boner is not big enough). Well, this is sad people. Suddenly am remembering Frankie Goes To Hollywood and their "Relax don't do it"... Or it could be they are just comin(g) you know....