Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Al Wadi Al Akhdar is jamming

Hmmm.... I could be mistaken, but I was always under the impression that Al Wadi Al Akhdar already had jams. According to their website they do (here). So it is a little strange to see them advertise the said jams on the streets. Perhaps their other products are doing well and so they needed to push these (well, I guess the other products are pseudo-staples on Lebanese tables). Anyhow, the selling point is that these taste like homemade jams in Arabic - except that in English is becomes spread the goodness (with spread having a double-meaning). The visual is a but lowest common denominator - with the jam in the shape of a heart etc.

As I said, interesting that they chose to do the jam ad now. Maybe there is a halo effect expect for the other products so it's two birds in one stone.

Small update: As this image show on Instagram, it seems this is part of a Valentine's Day campaign (here). Thank you Natalia Nasser for pointing it out to me.