Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Touba: Ahmed Fahmy is supposed to be funny

See (here) for the full ad. Look on paper I think this was supposed to be funny. First a background: the ad aims to introduce the real estate game-changing payment plan "Touba" as the solution for the problem that everyone could relate to in their own life. Egyptians, for the first time, did not need to get stuck in a harsh installment plan, and instead got all the flexibility in the world to divide the full price of a property over multiple payments however they see fit, without any control from the real estate developer Madinet Masr.

So far so good. Then comes the ad. Ahmed Fahmy sells out to pay the installments of his new summer house, first dressed as a parrot, then accepting selfies, then having to play the bear the next day. All of this of course to insure that his house is paid for. The ad is supposed to be funny, but - like the English version which captions it - something gets lost in the translation (and not as beautifully as Sofia Coppola's). Indeed, something seems amiss. 

As I said it is supposed to be haha funny but it ends up being, tirĂ© par les cheveux for some reason. I am sure they tried though. And getting Ahmed Fahmy is not cheap so the ad really cost an arm and a leg.