Saturday, January 27, 2024

Suyool - the uncola of banking

Just to be clear, I am usually against the "anti" positioning. Beirut Beer did its whole idea as an anti-Almaza so much it forgot its own positive points as a brand. The only time it truly worked was how 7UP labelled itself as the Uncola - pitting itself against Pepsi and Coca-Cola for a crowd that did not subscribe to either (with a brilliant campaign to boot - which included hallucinogenic and surreal art). Which brings us to Suyool App (not to be confused with the Bank of Beirut Soyoula program which was launched long long ago and most likely now defunkt). The ad is nice - it shows that this is an app that works as a bank including withdrawals and sending money etc. Most likely this is like a local Venmo. What makes the ad interesting is the "ma tbannek" line at the end. It has the pun of "ma tpannek" (do not panic which is one of the verbs in foreign languages used in Arabic) but also "do not use banks" - it also includes "shadde" and "kasra" two Arabic attributes specific to the language. See the full ad here.