Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Anghami x Almarai, AI and make it for kids

Remember the Chupa Chups lollipop thingy (here)? Well, seems AI is on its way to be more and more involved in children's ad world. Anghami (the leading music and entertainment audio platform in the MENA region) and Almarai (the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company and the largest food and beverage producer and distributor in the Middle East) have teamed up for a tech-driven (read, AI) campaign headlined "milk everyday is the smart way" (was there stupid way for milk everyday? Asking for a friend), and in Arabic "شرب الحليب.. سر اللبيب" which roughly translates as "drinking milk is the loved one's secret" (yes, I know... sigh). 

The campaign apparently resides on inserting the child's name in a song, parents can effortlessly create a personalized song for their child to enjoy while promoting the good daily habit of drinking fresh milk. Now, copywriting fiascos aside, someone tried this and it turns out this is based on 1) preassigned names 2) very limited themes (4 to be precise). 

Whereas the Chupa Chups was truly entertaining, this one left me a little head-scratching myself. Sure, I am neither the target audience nor am I too technically-forward, but still, is it worth it? Jury is truly out on this one. This juror is underwhelmed.