Thursday, September 28, 2023

Chupa Chups goes AI, and for once it works.

OK so apart from the fact that I am not a techie, ads that rely - almost solely - on technical gimmicks (hacking data, etc...) leave me very cold. Whenever I encounter such ideas I meet them with a shrug. AI is starting to become part of the bread and butter of the ad industry, and apart from results that seem - at best - corny, there is still plenty of effort to be done for me to be seduced and change my mind. Which is why I found myself in love with the new Chupa Chups campaign. It is basically AI based, but the twist - is that it is seen through the major market for the lollipops: Children. Which is why AI actually works. The visuals make absolutely no sense, but this is exactly the beauty of it. It's like being at the Dali museum - with imagination running wild. The end result is a jumble of - too many incoherent things. I experienced this with my nephews and niece. They'd tell you a fantastical story which has no meaning (but to them) but you cannot but be captured by it. So yes, for once AI makes sense!