Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Wata - the Lebanese cider

So apparently we have our own brand of cider. Wata is it! Wata in case you did not know is the name which villages attribute to "the lower part" of their village (Wata el Mghara, Wata el Jawz etc....). Of course, this is also an easy to pronounce name considering the cider is actually on an international expansion mission it seems (smart naming). The illustration is also inspired apparently by the groves themselves and it translates into an easy-on-the-eye cute packaging for their goods. My only worry is this, in their instagram profile they insist it is "gluten free"... Which reminds me when a shop in Hamra said their potatoes are "cholesterol free". Potatoes contain no cholesterol if you want to know, and the apples that make cider have no gluten either. So why bother indicate that?