Thursday, December 21, 2023

End of year parties in Lebanon...

Back in the day, every other restaurant, hotel, resort had its own end of year party with artists ranging from A to D and prices conveniently. Actually, one time, popular singer Georges Wassouf was asked live on air if his party's tickets cost 100 USD by a certain lady, to which he quipped "if you want to sit next to washrooms, then yes". 

I have no idea how much tickets cost for the parties this year considering that the economy is completely cash-based and Dollarized at this point. But I do have a feeling there is nothing accessible in them to the average layman. Still, the fact that there are parties - and the above am sure a sample (meaning there are others whose ads I did not do a screenshot) - is a small indicator that there is a semblant of life creeping in on the Lebanese scene. Most A-list singers are ringing the New Year outside Lebanon where offers are more forthcoming and lucrative. Yet knowing that someone like Haifa Wehbe would be here is itself a nice booster. 

2023 has not been the easiest of years, as I said previously the second half was a complete nosedive on many levels and the situation in Palestine and the South of Lebanon did not make things any easier. A yet here we are so close to wrapping up the year and gearing for another one to come!