Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Al Taghziah goes back to school (belatedly)

Well, back to school has been on for quite a bit of time, but well, seems Al Taghziah is late for class. The ad goes "sar  wa2t yghayer ta3met temmo" (now is the time for him change his palate's taste) a local expression about changing what is on the menu... and the menu? Labneh (solid yoghourt) and cheese (as written on the board). Of course the ad reeks of all the signifiers related to shcool breaks (where kids get to have their home-prepared food). Interestingly, Altaghziah went - for a very very long time - with the line "Awal min al mortadella halal" (the first to say halal meat - here) but what's with everyone offering halal options now I guess now that positioning is obsolete at this point.