Friday, September 15, 2023

AlAbdalla nukes Zaatar w Zeit on its home turf

Remember the Sandwich w Noss vs Beit Al Mokhtar saga (where Sandwich w Noss acting very petty? here), well we have a new saga developing between Zaatar w Zeit and AlAbdalla. Right bang on top of the ZWZ branch, AlAbdalla announces that "the fanciest chicken in right across" (where AlAbdalla branch is facing ZWZ on the highway). Now seriously, I hope ZWZ comes up with a funny/witty answer other than complaining to Facebook as Sandwich w Noss did. But hey, at least some life on the advertising scene in Lebanon! Do note that Kababji previously took the same spot and advertised above Zaatar w Zeit, when I notified them they answered very smartly with their selling line "love, regardless" (here).