Friday, August 4, 2023

August 4th - tenzakar ta ma ten3ad

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

I can't remember who came up with it. It was a campaign on television launched for the commemoration of the Lebanese war (April 13th) and it was a riff on the local expression "tenzakar w ma ten3ad" (let it be remembered and not repeated) which became "tenzakar ta ma ten3ad" (let it be remembered SO THAT it would not be repeated). Again, apologies I do not have the original campaign, or the original graphics, or any online source as to who did it or exactly when.

I honestly do not feel like a "survivor" from that day, maybe because I spent the whole long war surviving so much it became living as such. I understand the trauma caused by the explosion, specifically to those who did not live the war as such. You may want to revisit my recollections of that day here.

Am alive damn it. Alive, you hear?