Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Peek-a-Boom from Wezank, Mira could be all of us.

So Wezank actually were busy throughout 2020 - what started as a "self-therapy" ended up a 5-minute film with one foot in the future and the other in the past. And not just any past. I have previously spoken about the August 4th 2020 explosion and how I was about to die twice (here), and for Wezank it is the story of Mira which made the event. Sure, Mira is fictional. Or is she? Because she could have been anyone of us, or all of us combined into one single character. Or Mira could be the city at large, Beirut in itself, a city which I once said resembled a snake which sheds its skin periodically to be able to go on being alive (here).

Just be aware, the "simplicity" of the film is deceiving, because it holds too many layers and too many interpretations and too many nuances. For anyone who has lived through this event, it might be a little too "triggering" but worth the watch here.