Thursday, July 27, 2023

Hubert Boulos speaks words of wisdom in ArabAd

Hubert Boulos - Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

If you have not read Hubert Boulos' interview in ArabAd you are missing out big time.

Rarely has anyone been so candid about the state of things. And he is saying while he is in Dubai. No mean feat to actually lay bare all the optic illusion of the market there where everyone else is trying to paint a glossy picture of what is happening. Boulos (CEO of DDB Middle East) butchers everyone from clients to award shows passing through lack of creativity and meager budgets. Seriously, to be able to be so lucid and outspoken is a rarity in today's world. 

As I said, the main idea for all companies is try to paint a rosy ambiance about what is happening. And here is Boulos, honest and telling it like it. It is a pity the interview is not even longer so that he'd say even more harsh realities about what is going on.

Please enjoy the ArabAd interview with Boulos here.