Tuesday, June 13, 2023

VW Buzz camper - a launch with cuteness overload

So, very soon, the redesigned Volkswagen Buzz camper will be among us. For its launch the company opted - very understandably due to the product's design - to a cute campaign. Above is a sample. Again, it has been a while since VW issued a product that is designed in a such a way. And considering the legacy of the camper itself and how it is related to the hippie-carefree life, the Buzz ticks all boxes in its design, and therefore presentation.

However, I kept thinking that this is very close to the last time VW issued one such cute product. Namely? The redesigned VW Beetle/Bug which was also accompanied by a campaign that focused on the cute (sample lines "Hug it? Drive it?" or "less flower, more power" or "the engine's in the front, but the heart is in the right place").

Below are several executions, which some of them - it was fashionable back then - issued as postcards.