Sunday, June 11, 2023

Lira - a(nother) Lebanese made car

So apparently on June 17th "Lira" a Lebanese-made solar-powered car will be introduced.

All right, I shall skip the (lousy) naming considering the Lira is now sort of useless in terms of value and that the repertoire could have very easily included other sexier names, and apparently it is interesting  that the car is sun-powered which is wonderful what's with the diesel prices going berserk as of late.

A friend suggested that the Lira owes some of its design to the much-maligned Fiat Multipla (here) or the Kia Soul (here) according to me. 

But here's the surprise, this is not the first-Lebanese car to be "designed" and produced in Lebanon. Ladies and gentlemen, let me re-introduce to you to:


The ad below dates back from 1980:

All right, the Ranger4 does seem like a Jeep and a mini had a love child.

The ad says that the Ranger4:

Has an appealing shape and has versatile uses

Compatible with all climates

Inflammable body

Safe driving

Spends 20 liters of fuel for ever 210 kms

14 horsepower and 1100 cc engine

Available spare parts

I am not sure how much Lira compares to all that.... But hey, here's to another Lebanese car.

And truth be told, I have no idea what happened to the Ranger4 venture....