Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Belvento, the book that fell through the cracks

Yesterday, within the euphoria of rehousing my books (here), one book fell through the cracks - simply because it was published while we (that would be my digtial advisor Patrick Chemali - no relation - and myself) were right in the middle of the technical jumble.

Called "Belvento" (which alongside McCondo, is up there with those mythical places in literature) and obviously inspired by Georges Schehadé (or Chehade, there are many variations to writing the name), and a visit to the very long time rental he lived in Beirut. Just to be clear, if you do not understand Chehade it is not fault of yours, either you do or you don't.

So "Belvento" (the mythical village from his play "L'emigre de Brisbane") is just as absurd, and hopefully just as fun and oblique as the great playwriter and poet's work.

Originally the project dates back to 2013, and just as always, I go back to my own archive or someone else's and reinterpret it. Please have a glance at Belvento here.