Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A new link for my books

In 2003, in Saudi Arabia out of all places, I self-published a poetry anthology by the name of "The Wit and Wisdom of Arty Stotle".... Then in 2009 came the first tome of Archewallogy which made it to the cover of the best selling Danish newspaper on its Sunday edition - the book was free of charge and many (as in thousands!) of copies were distributed. 

This has launched the floodgates of my self-publishing (for a while it was under the banner of 7UPstairs Publishing). There were many books I published for other people, several collaborations, a lot of accompanying videos, and each book remains lovely to revisit.

For a long time the books were housed on a different platform, but now came the time to reorganize them under my own website. Yes, some culling was necessary - no poetry anthologies, no plays, only graphic and visual books remained. But what a joy to look at them some after years of their original publication.

Surely, sometimes I say "oh I used too many colors here", "I should have sacrificed this page", but by and large, I look at them with (biased, I know) enormous pride. They remain a testimony of someone working tirelessly, recklessly, and strenuously with a touch of OCD to boot. Most of these books were self-made from cover to cover (save for 3 volumes of Archewallogy - the first, second and Archewallogy San Francisco).

Do they look self-made? Probably. Does it matter? Not in the least.

I am indebted for my digital consultant Patrick Chemali - no relation - for putting up with me (a pseudo-luddite because all the self-made books were not made on Photoshop but.... on Paintbrush!) and - just for my credit - I could be the only client in the world who has asked "to make my logo smaller" (as it was ginormous on the original page!).

Please enjoy all the books on this link here