Thursday, May 4, 2023

Sooq Avenue - an initiative to help the Lebanese economy

The now defunct Le Mall sin el fil is rising from its ashes as Sooq Avenue and rebranding itself as an initiative to provide employment for Lebanese youth - and according to their claim (here) with equal opportunities for males and females. The initiative was widely praised - at least of instagram (here) - praising Mr. Habtoor as having more concern for the Lebanese youth than any other local politician which history has proved that they do not.

The post on social media stresses that creating economic recovery and insuring jobs is more primordial that financial success, which obviously are two factors co-dependent but still noble of them to say so, even if it also stressed that any renters and licensees should contact them for space availability (here). Of course I have no idea how renters/licensees would want to pitch in in a place where their financial success is not guaranteed but comes as a second fiddle to economic recovery and youth employment (unless of course there is something I do not understand in the process).

Still, frankly, I do wish the Sooq Avenue all the potential success there is, the Lebanese youth do need all the possible help they can get - unless they are already on a plane to Dubai as we speak!