Saturday, February 18, 2023

He gets us: Turning Jesus Christ into a superstar

Here, here and here.

Jesus Christ! No no, that was supposed to be an exclamation not invoking the client. "He gets us"...

I know it shot to superstardom during the Super Bowl with their ad - but now that the whole campaign is on display... How perfect is it? Exceptionally perfect.

For an unperfect client - but granted - judging on the merits of the ads they are.... exceptional. Sure, the strength of the campaign lies in that its "execution" is rudimentary - images which circulated over the net for a long time, most of which we are familiar with because we saw them on repeat on several websites, but this does not diminish their strength or impact once held together in a string before the central message comes through.

As I said "he gets us" might have supported controversial issues, but if you look at the campaign in and for itself, it is a brilliant act of.... kindness, acceptance, civility, and simply being a decent human being (which lately is too much to ask!).

Well, this could be the most perfect campaign - for an imperfect client, granted - but you seldom know what your multinational is doing when it advertises for you. So judging by the ads alone, I get them!