Sunday, December 18, 2022

Zoughaib & Sons - jewelry with a theme.

OK, so this is interesting, a while back Doumit Zoughaib split from the mother company Zoughaib & Sons (to become Zoughaib and co). Now, for a long time - yearly - Zoughaib (back then indistinguishable as a brand from one another because Doumit was still there) would come up with a theme. This year, Zoughaib & Sons is continuing the tradition (sans Doumit) while launching "eventail" (or "fan"). Interestingly, Doumit has created a more seasonally compatible "snowflake" collection (see here). Well, a jeweler I know told me that for a long time the Lebanese market was so incredibly stagnant he had to branch out to Dubai just to keep his atelier in Lebanon busy - to avoid laying off all his craftspeople because the local showroom was empty. So for Zoughaib & Sons to launch new collections and advertise them is indeed a bold move.