Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Hajdu cheese goes on a pre-Christmas bang

I am not sure I need to explain the price of cheeses these days in Lebanon... So it is interesting Hajdu - considering it is important and will certainly be subjected to the new "import Dollar" value which has gone stratospheric - has decided to go on a large campaign to dominate the pre-Christmas market. The other option of course is that the importing company is trying to liquidate stock before it gets past the expiry date. No matter which option, suddenly the campaign is everywhere prior to Christmas (obviously a good seller for winter and festivity dishes) - and a small look on the Hajdu prices shows it is still within range of most other cheeses for the 200 grams sold portion (here).

This is where the campaign gets interesting, it seems Hajdu is offering a bigger panoply of products - spread cheese, happy squares, burger squares and singles as well. Which perhaps has inspired the slogan "goodness without limits" - of course the word "tibe" can also mean "taste" so they tried to hit two birds in one stone. (Apologies to the lady who appeared unwittingly in the ad however).