Sunday, November 6, 2022

Yes, I still "use" Twitter, and no, it means nothing.

Image tweeted by Elon Musk (source)

Ah Twitter!

Ever since Mr. Musk himself bought it for 44 Billion, it seems everyone is up in arms about it. Moderation is no longer a thing, the ethics team has been gutted with layoffs, the app will charge for blue check badges, advertisers reigning in ad spend, this, that... But- to the great chagrin of my digital consultant (hello Patrick!) - this actually implies that people have been using it the way it "ought to be" used.

Not so for me.

Let's recap - my private Facebook profile has zero friends, it's just a ghost to be able to manage my official page there, a page basically dedicated to copy-pasting links of such articles as this one. On Twitter I follow no one, so much that one time I was with my said digital consultant and a few other people and he said "tell them, tell them how you use social media" as if I was a wonder boy to be exhibited (the way I use social media is simply by typing everyone's link once in a while to see if there is anything interesting).

On Instagram, I make sure never to follow more than 50 accounts and periodically purge to remain near that number. I admit that during the pandemic I did a few "purchases" from outlet/resale stores pay-on-delivery exhibiting there for the lack of being able to go out to stores - which again is something I do not do often anyhow. Lately I have been lukewarm about the whole Instagram thingy truth be told. Somehow the whole app became boring.

No I have no Tiktok. 

Oh, whatsapp? 

Welcome to the 15 numbers including house help, taxi driver, etc.... stored on my phone. I only speak (meaning write) to a very small number of people. 

But all this has been good for my mental health mind you. I do what I do the way I do it, I do not preach anyone to do the same, at this point I realize each one of us has his own needs or wants from this digital experience. 

So yes, I still "use" Twitter, and no, it means nothing.