Friday, October 28, 2022

Tchibo - hopefully now with a better distibution

OK here's a small admission, Tchibo is my favorite coffee brand. The reason why I end up not buying it all the time? Because its distribution in Lebanon was, for a long time, very touch and go. The kind of touch and go where my sister in law would call me because she found one such item in a store and wanted to know if she would get it (yes, please!). Which is why having a Tchibo campaign on billboards is a bit of an "anomaly". I said it before, previously - that would be circa 2004-5 - you'd have needed 600 billboards just make your ad be "seen" (here) but these days a smaller presence would get you noticed. So having such a (relatively) very large campaign for Tchibo on the streets, is - hopefully - a sign that they have managed to smooth their distribution issues.