Friday, October 14, 2022

Spinneys ad for the World Cup is actually funny

Who knew? Spinneys actually has a funny ad for the World Cup giveaway. OK, so watch it here. The joke revolves around a man watching the World Cup from his neighbor's TV on the building across, before they actually switch the TV off.... This is when the giveaway an LED 65 inch smart TV from Spinneys comes in.... The ad is well cast (comedian Hicham Haddad), relatively nicely shot and makes its point without going back into retro 90s mode of gifts. The final take is "get up to speed and get some football" (which in Arabic is quite cute "ha7e2 halak w la7e2 3a football" does work!) - and yes, the English version is my own take on the copy (you're welcome).