Friday, October 14, 2022

ICRC Lebanon #worldmenatalhealthday

Sorry this is 3 days late, because world Mental Health Day was on October 10th... Still, a lovely ad by the ICRC (International Committee for the Red Cross) Lebanon for the #worldmentalhealthday - you see it all starts with the basic question... "how are you?" first reflex? the cliche answers - great, thank God, am excellent, all is super, etc, etc.... Then we get to the more problematic "no really, how are you?" - and boom! This is when we get to how really things are challenging and tough and people are barely making it, and everyone is so-so or "pulling it together so as not to cry" or "my back hurts" or "felling basic", "I was much better yesterday" and honestly the list goes on and on. Because yes, take the platitudes off and the Lebanese people are hurting, as in deeply hurting. "Don't let it inside hurting you" - "talk about it" culminates the ad. Of course, this is a stigma as everyone is supposed to be strong and holding it, and keeping everything under wraps, and putting the best foot forward and pretending all is fine and dandy when everything is not. 

So yes, a very good ad by the ICRC Lebanon, check it in full here.