Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Snips - as if the 90s never happened

Snips Baked Snacks is having an "open and win" competition - much like all those brands did in the 90s (from Pepsi onwards - interestingly, even Pepsi is now having such an offer!)... Here's the deal, you open a Snips bag and if you see the image of your reward you can phone 76888945 Monday to Friday from 8 till 5 to claim your award. The second choice is that you enter on a draw on a Mini Cooper on this link (here). If it seems a little complicated, then maybe because... it is. You should already read the comments on Facebook from people unable to register, or those wondering if they should bother pay all this gasoline to go pick the gifts they won (with gasoline being uber high and the gifts being, well, meager in price), and so on. This is without even registering the costumers complaining on wrong codes to register, or those with unreadable numbers and what not.

If you are interested to know, the lucky winner of the Mini Cooper will be announced on December 19.

The 90s are calling and they want their lotteries back. Now about that Pepsi offer...