Saturday, July 30, 2022

Cedars cigarettes special packaging for Army Day


There you go - in one of those who-thought-about-this? and who-approved-of-this? And is-this-even-real? kind of line of questioning, Lebanese Cedars cigarettes (which is experiencing an incredible boom because it is the currently the cheapest cigarettes in the market as imports' prices soared) has actually issued a special "not for sale specimen" for Army Day complete with camouflage and what have you.

You know in Arabic they say with irony 'law el habal bi wajje3" (if stupidity hurts), well, then add stupidity to cancer and all other warnings found on cigarette boxes. Smoking kills, and whereas stupidity is not know to kill directly, I am not sure what to make of this.

Interestingly the stickers cover "smoking kills" which is a violation of Law 174. 

However as I rummaged further, it turns out this is not a single incident. I have found cigarettes in packaging celebrating Labor Day, or the day Liberation (May 25th). The proof is in the image below.