Thursday, April 28, 2022

Elections 2022: Selim Hani, specialized industry

Well, it seems (Dr.) Selim Hani has a platform he is running on. Something called "specialized industry". His ads however, suffer some confused wording truth be told. "Politics is an industry. Politics is a specialization. Towards a specialized industry." and then comes the masterpiece (keep in mind that Selim means "correct" or "healthy" or "sane" so...) "think correct, vote Selim Hani". As I said, the wording might need some working on.

Strangely "fakker salim" is reminiscent of the long ago used 2008 Free Patriotic Movement "fakker sa7" which means almost the same thing. At this point political ads are everywhere, but my take its - advertising agencies barely scrapped any money, it was the companies that rent billboards and unipoles that really raked in the big bucks. Most ads are obviously homespun.