Saturday, April 30, 2022

Elections 2022: Chamel Roukoz - waking up with the house on fire.

OK, so this is a complicated story. Chamel Roukoz is the son in law of the president of the republic. To be more specific, he is the "other" son in law (I am not sure how the family does Christmas dinner, considering how Roukoz - who splintered from the Free Patriotic Mouvement - and Gibran Bassil (who heads the FPM) are at odds, while Roy Hachem who is married to the third Aoun daughter (Mireille) manages OTV the television that is the mouthpiece of the whole movement).

I did say it is a complicated story. Which bring us back to Chamel Roukoz. "My honor is to my country - first and foremost". I think Roukoz is playing on his past as army officer with their tagline "honor - sacrifice - loyalty" or he could be saying his first allegiance is to the country rather than a specific movement. Or am reading too much into an ad that has little to sell (no offence to Roukoz most others have little to sell as well).