Monday, April 25, 2022

Elections 2022: Hezbollah stays the course in its communication (thankfully)

Considering I elected it the best 2018 campaign for a political party (see here) Hezbollah adopted the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach to the elections. Their 2018 slogan "we defend and build" is now "we keep on defending and building" - alongside this small change (which in Arabic by the way grammatically keeps their original slogan but only ads "keep" to it) they also adopted the strategy where they coax their people into voting (among rumblings - certified or not - that their own electorate is also feeling the pinch and is not as excited as they ought to be) with words such as "your ballot is a responsibility" or "your trust is a responsibility".

Interestingly, they also throw a clin d'oeil to their ally the Free Patriotic Movement with "sovereignty, amendment/rectification, your ballot are a responsibility" - amendment and change were the slogan adopted by the FPM for many elections already.

Visually the opted for the "tick" mark (which again the FPM used many moons ago - the 2008 elections but which is commonly used in elections) and inserted the shadow of a person inside "trust"... But all these are small gimmicks. On the whole I am quite pleased that the Hezbollah stayed the course communication wise. Why change what works?