Sunday, January 30, 2022

Elections 2022: Fifty Fifty and the women's quota in elections

Fifty Fifty have a new ad about implementing the women's quota during the next elections.

In case you do not know, women's quota is precisely what it says: there ought to be a certain % of women elected in the parliament as part of its members.

If this reminds you of the "affirmative action" in the United States, whereby students of certain race, minorities were chosen to be part of students of certain universities - then you are correct. And just like affirmative action, the women's quota has its same issues: were these people accepted/voted just because they were minorities/women, or because of their own merit.

The other problem is one that was voiced long, long ago by May Chidiac when she still a journalist at LBC (she's gone to be very briefly a minister since), while discussing the women's quota (which you will see is not a recent issue): "And someone like Nayla Mouawad? Is she part of the quota or is not?" for your info, Nayla Mouawad is the wife of the slain president Rene Mouawad, and who "inherited" his clan and political power in the north (specifically Zgharta el Zawye). By the same token, Sethrida Geagea, wife of Samir and who also took power from him while he was imprisoned and banished (do note, Samir Geagea is still alive) is in the same predicament: Is she part of the quota or not?

And this of course, begs the question - to whom the quota applies, and are they on a separate list or part of the whole melee? Lebanon still has a long row to hoe when it comes to women's right (anything from age of consent to ability to travel and divorce are still very backwards in terms of laws).

You can watch the ad here (the copy is a bit prepackaged though).