Tuesday, December 14, 2021

On the not for profit "Lebanese Private Sector Network"

"Our vision for developing a key player in developing a thriving and prosperous private sector in Lebanon in a liberal and responsible free market economy" these terms define what the "Lebanese Private Sector Network" is all about (in Arabic شبكة القطاع الخاص اللبناني). The private sector, which was one of the main victims of the whole crash which started in parallel with the social movements in October 2019 (but to be clear the movements neither caused nor instigated the crash) found itself in the middle of a quagmire and conflicting decrees - both official, coming from banks, having to deal a multitude of Dollar parities, and a whole list of other issues not the least of which the many institutions and companies which found themselves destroyed during the August 4th 2020 explosion in Beirut.

But it appears they are regrouping themselves into the network in question, and even have their own instagram as a mouth piece (please see here) a small research would lead to them having a specific stance on certain issues which they feel are being detrimental to the Lebanese export industry (namely the Georges Cordahi debacle) which they felt simply disregarded the good relations that Lebanon has with the Arab nations and how this would endanger 150,000 Lebanese expats working in Saudi Arabia and being virtually one of the rare to send back cash Dollars to Lebanon (which is in dire shortage locally). 

Well, apparently they do have a clear vision as to where they see the economy going, which actually is not the haphazard jungle most politicians are trying to steer it towards.