Saturday, December 4, 2021

Johnnie Walker Black Label ends the year on a high note

Johnnie Walker Black Label ends the year with a bang.... "A gift to: The one who makes life a celebration". Honestly, it works like a charm. Mind you - and pity despite all my rummaging online I could not find it - Johnnie Walker (Red Label this time) is responsible for one of the most memorable Christmas ads I ever saw. A businessman is holding a golden pen and writing a card to go along with a wrapped Johnnie Walker bottle... Then, he changes his mind, wraps the golden pen (sans box!) and pours himself a glass of schotch. The tagline? "Some gifts are too good to give away". 

Well, I am not a scotch expert, but prices must be really astronomically high these days, being an imported product in a crumbling economy, so I suppose "the one who makes life a celebration" must be worth it all right.