Thursday, December 30, 2021

Citroen and the illogical Amr Diab ad (UPDATE)

OK here's a scenario: A woman is crossing the street, a car is about to run her down but stops short of doing so, the girl angrily looks at the driver, the driver takes out his mobile and shoots a photo of the girl, the tagline says "snap every beautiful moment".

Is this an ad for:

1) Road Safety?

2) A mobile brand

Actually, this is an ad for:

3) Citroen.

So either this ad:

1) Makes no sense whatsoever

2) Actually makes sense in some parallel universe

3) Is too smart for me to understand.

Oh, and there's famous Egyptian singer Amr Diab behind the wheel. See the ad here.

Update: Citroen has pulled the ad from all its channels, as the ad raised fears of women being harrassed (which statistics have shown a large majority admit to have been in Egypt) and issued an apology. The idea that women can be photographed without their consent (never mind being run over!) apparently did not come to anyone's mind from the Citroen/Ad agency team!