Thursday, December 30, 2021

Adidas brilliantly pulls a non-ad in the UAE

Is it an Adidas ad? Of course it is.

Does it look like an Adidas ad? No it does not.

Hence  the brilliance of it.

On the surface of it, it is French football legend Zinedine Zidane with UAE women's football captain Nauf Al Anzi.

What are they doing? He is coaching her (he is a coach mind you!) and they are dribbling and showing a bit of Dubai (the Dubai Frame, the locations) and the three stripes appear everywhere (without being the total focus of the ad, which is a great touch). Do note, if this was with the male UAE football team I doubt it would have registered just as deep, but because it was with the captain of the female team it lends itself to issues of feminism (please note, this might be true or not, I am not an expert in UAE law and what women can or cannot achieve), equal rights and just the right amount of good public image.

Swoon! Watch the ad here.