Wednesday, September 1, 2021

At Epica Awards, no bias means no bias.

So here it is, this year's Epica Awards campaign (here is a small refresher of the 2019 campaign).

Before we go on here is a story I heard straight from a creative director who was part of a jury at a different festival: "We gave (agency X) that category, because we really wanted them to give us the innovation category - the client really wanted the award".  There, I suppose this sums it up. Because, as you may know, jury in award shows are full of people working inside the industry - with a lot of dog in the fight. Bartering is not really off the table. Other ticks as well.

I have been a jury at the Epica since 2016. And trust me, if you are not obsessed with advertising, better not try it. Sure, do I agree with all the awards we gave off since? No. But this is an intrinsic part of the game. Because Epica is the distilled taste of tens upon tens of people who are part of the journalistic effort surrounding the communication industry (you might want to see who they are here). Which makes this year's Epica campaign quite on point: There really is no bias there.

Well, last year the Burger King campaign swept the board completely on all main categories. In an inside conversation with Nicolas Huve Kousmichoff (Operations Director at Epica), who was telling me "but it is a great campaign!" - "Well, my main fear was that the Lacoste ad would end up winning." Long story short? Would I have picked the Burger King moldy campaign across categories? Probably not. But thankfully the Lacoste ad was not picked up for the big award. So it was a win-win, or rather a win-lose. But everyone felt happy with it.

Here's another story. A company I know had an interesting ad, knowing that I was part of the Epica Jury their CEO mails me: "I heard you were part of it. Make sure I get the award otherwise I am not wasting any money applying my ad ." I literally replied "Buddy, this is the Epica Awards, go fish elsewhere."

The other day, I saw a beautiful ad from Romance for Intermarche, if they apply with it to the Epica - they already got my vote. Ah well, if only ALL other jury members concur with me. But hey, "no bias" means "no bias"!