Friday, June 21, 2019

Epica awards goes tongue-in-cheek in an epic(a) campaign

"Self-love. Leave it for the other awards."
You don't get it - do you?
Sadly the award system at so skewed, it is basically "scratch my back and I will scratch yours". Why? Because juries are creatives making sure their buddies win.
I am a proud member of the Epica Awards jury - and believe me this is not for the faint of heart. Epica is the only award judged by journalists, which means we can get to be unbiased, and we can bash agencies for mediocre ads while giving trophies to others who came from left field. Which makes the Epica campaign this year a total standout!
Let others self love - we are here to butcher. The beautiful op art inspired visual only adds to the understated charm!
Hmmm.... Why not enter this ad in this year's competition, I for one am ready to give it a high grade. But sadly this would be self-love.