Sunday, May 9, 2021

Jabaliyeh and the art of saving - just bring your empty bottles!

With the returnable Pepsi bottle now back in vogue, and in a funny and witty move, Jabaliyeh - which specializes in traditional mouneh (such as rose water, honey, thyme etc....) has launched an epic campaign. Instead of "Chraba w redda" (drink it and return it) Jabaliyeh winks "Chraba w ma tredda" (drink it and don't return it). Underneath the explanation is that the customer saves money when he precents the empty recipient which Jabaliyeh will fill for him - and hence he will save the price of the bottle. In case you do not know, the prices of such ingredients have jumped so exponentially, that empty bottles are causing the whole prices to go up. Naturally, all this is eco-conscious too! A smart and lovely move. I spoke to Jabaliyeh and the told me "we are launching this "label free" campaign because now is the time to stick together, to help one another. And when customers will visit us with their empty containers, they will receive a discount equal to the price of the container. This is the least we can do in the current circumstances".