Friday, April 30, 2021

Pepsi - 1 Liter returnable

Believe it or not, at one point the 1 Liter Pepsi bottle was reserved for Sunday lunches,  birthdays and special occasions. Of course, Pepsi is now ubiquitous in any meal, but still, in a 50s ad, Pepsi was supposed to be a post-Iftar digestive drink (see here). Which brings us to - the 1 Liter Pepsi "chraba redda" (returnable glass bottle) is now back in the markets (side precision: I have not seen it anywhere but this does not negate it might be present). Does this signal a shift in consumption especially with the plastic 2,25 Liter Pepsi bottle skyrocketing in price (by the latest count it is 7500 Liras up from 2250). Is this an eco-friendly move? I am assuming such bottles are more the turf of small shops rather than large supermarkets however. Still, all of these are assumptions considering I still have to see it in shops. But hey, if Pepsi trucks have such an ad on their back, who am I to argue?