Tuesday, April 27, 2021

ReBird x Depot Vente

What do you get when you blend Rayya Morcos upcycling genius (with the ReBird label), the incredible entrepreneurship and generosity of Nawal from Depot Vente, with the staggering eye of photographer Bachar Srour? Well, the end result is "a collection of upcycled clothes inspired by the early work of Pierre Cardin". The collection will be on sale on Friday 30th of April in the shop from 4 till 7 pm.

Do note that this is a redux of a previous smash hit between Rayya and Nawal. Which, again, yielded a fantastic collection in the past. This one, according to Rayya is "quite eccentric and inspired by Pierre Cardin so...." - she left the sentence unfinished but I can fill the end of it with a zillion superlatives!