Wednesday, February 24, 2021

On that perfect 1978 Naas ad.

All right color me jealous.

Look at this beautiful, perfect, wonderful ad for Naas bottled water from 1978 by H&C (then it later became H&C Leo Burnett). What's there not to love, the incredible copy? The authentic ad? The simple but meaningful visual?

Let me translate: 

"Sport. Pickaboo. Lunchbox. Naas.

Your son plays, runs, jumps, climbs, screams.... sweats - he is your champ!

And to keep his ever-flowing vigor, you make sure what kind of chocolate he eats, and you oversee his nutrition with tenderness. But do you know that what kind of water he drinks is no less important than what food he eats?

Naas is a pure water, easily digestible, bottled carefully, and it takes its strength from nature and gives it to your son to procure him enriching minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium... All these are required by the body, to insure equilibrated growth and to fully renew the cells in the body.

Naas on your table, is the sparkle of energy in the eyes of your son."

Swoon, totally!