Friday, February 26, 2021

Nissan - flattening the curve in a smart ad.

Very smart and very minimal.

Says everything without saying anything all at once. Talks about its brand's usefulness yet still does it sleekly. And could perhaps be too sleek, too blink-and-you'll-miss it in a world of flashy ads. But still is a major refresher of a well-done ad looks like (even if, it could be too smart for its intended audience).

Ladies and gentlemen please meet Nissan Lebanon's own "flatten the curve" ad. It is lovely to see such ads approved, again, in the plethora of brands trying to outshine one another with very striking ads as they compete for the customers' and people's eyeballs, but personally I love that the ad was approved (and that even got created!).

Here's to more of this, perhaps Nissan would end up swaying a new breed of buyers once the pandemic ends - designers, architects, Mies van der Rohe fans....