Monday, January 18, 2021

Unicef - when vaccine turns to luxury

Ah here's a nice ad from Unicef - where vaccine is being dipped into luxury perfume advertising. Actually, the one in the red hat reminds me so much of Yves Saint Laurent vintage ads, but I digress. The ads actually notify governments and officials that half of the worldwide available doses have been booked by rich nations which makes the ones left quite a "luxury".

But wait, on a private level, it gets worse! How? Just look at my inbox or whatsapp, hoards of "educated" people are sending me articles (from Lord knows which websites!) which actually claim all kind of nonesense (apparently vaccines increase the level of death from Covid, apart from the two people who had an allergic reaction, and that the Lebanese are being used as a testing specimen because we had to sign that Pfeizer is not responsible for any side effects and the list continues....).

Honestly, as soon as the vaccine is here, and am allowed to get it, presto am getting it (sorry Maya Diab, and Haifa Wehbe and all the other deniers contacting me)!