Sunday, January 24, 2021

The all new GMC: The power of (the missing) verse.

The legacy of verse for the all new GMC, a lovely title for what turned out to be a little of an underwhelming film. Don't get me wrong, the film is well done, well shot, with a very nice narrative. But honestly there's not enough "verse" to justify all the acclaim it was made to be. In the end if you are going to stress the Bedouin heritage, the campfire tales in the middle of the desert, more than a couple of words are needed. Actually what got me excited about the film is exactly what ended up disappointing me: I thought it would be word-based, and being very partial to the Arabic language, the film left me wanting. I mean it is nice objectively but certainly fails to deliver its original promise. Maybe some other tale would follow and rectify but as is.... Oh, you can watch the film here. And by the way, the majestic "bil haybati ykoud" is certainly, definitely, not the cheapo-slang-ish "leads like a pro"!