Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Securite Assurance, or the never-ending Beirut explosion saga

Securite Assurance is "covering damages from the Beirut blast - because we're here for real" and then in much small font "terms of initiative apply" - because of course, there is always a smaller font! Still, whereas the world has passed on to new crises, Beirut is still reeling from the effect of the August 4th blast. Also, the image above of the house whose ceiling was lavishly decorated but which has basically bore the brunt of the explosion only testifies to what there is on the ground. That this ad comes right bang on Christmas/New Year's week only joins other such ads (I already spoke about this prior here and here). With too many problems Lebanese are drowning in, even those affected by the blast might shrug at the sight of such an ad.