Thursday, November 12, 2020

Coca-Cola Christmas 2020 - a paint by numbers Almosafer replica

Coca-Cola 2020 ad.... OK, the ad has everything going for it. Remember, Santa Claus as we know it is a Coca-Cola creation. The director is Taika Waititi, the production is enormous. Everything in it is truly up to scale until the last frame. Sadly it made me feel as if it was a paint by numbers: What can we do to make it more exciting? (Add a whale) What can we do to add a twist? (Open the letter) What can we do to make it more impressive? (Add a snow scene). Watch the ad here. And then compare it to the beautiful, authentic, heart-wrenching Almosafer Ramadan ad (watch here). On the bright side, the Coke Santa Claus truck is back.