Tuesday, June 23, 2020

SKeyes explores censorship with "freedom is not a number"

SKeyes (SK stands for slain journalist Samur Kassir) gets director Roy  Dib to speak of censorship in Lebanon. Dib whose work was exhibited worldwide, and whose thematic I really like, is indeed candid.
Who can censor? The army
What can you talk about? Not much (everything is seen as devaluing women or inciting on debauchery or homosexuality)
And the list continues. With all his frankness Dib only scratches the surface of the iceberg.
I was once at the opening of a movie festival in 2010 and 5 mins before the movie starts the organizer shows up and says "we still do not have an answer from censorship, sometimes no answer is an answer" (the movie in question was "Chou Sar" by Charles de Gaulle Eid). At times the reasons given are too vague or obscure but irrevocable and irrefutable.
Watch the SK Eyes Roy Dib here... Worth it. Freedom is not a number indeed.