Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Babyshop - an advertising we deserve.

I am incredibly bored from those saccharine dipped ads I am bombared with daily that revolve around Coronavirus (all same, all boring, insert silly piano background). BUT...
Do you remember Babyshop? The brand that got you Umobuwah?
Yes, the multi-award sweeping Umobuwah.
Now they are back with a "world we deserve" and unsurprisingly, you will see that children are actually more aware, mature, and sensible than adults.
The genuine ad is here.
Zoom calls? Different countries? Honest opinions? Talk from the heart? Being sensitive to possibilities? Check, check, check! It is there, raw and promising and real.
In a world where parents are exhausted from homeschooling and from tripping over Lego parts and having to endure all such issues, Babyshop comes with a window of opportunity, a breath of fresh air.
Well, this is the kind of ad we deserve.
If not deserve, at least want.