Monday, April 20, 2020

And during lockdown, time is elastic.

Well, you know how people are saying that all days feel the same during lockdown due to lack of measuring parameters when one does not go out to work, or knows when the weekend or when Easter is? Oddly, I do not face that problem. Yet, time is indeed elastic. My serious lockdown started way earlier than anyone due to a combination of trying to save money (you know capital controls oblige and all that....), to me quitting my university lecturing (nope, I will not be paid by head rather than by course!), severe winter (that Friday the 13th storm!), and an all-around other family factors. Meaning that to me - working from home is not a novelty. With work being so scarce to begin with, what's with shops/companies/institutions shutting down left and right.
Yet, the time I speak of during lockdown being elastic is a different kind. For a long time I hanged on to a useless past with its relics, objects, boxes, and dwindling emotional significance: Natural Born Killers soundtrack I used to listen to on loop, Red Hot Chili Peppers CD which I introduced as the agency's official sound to the creative department of the ad agency in KSA, my old university books whose info by now is quasi obsolete...
These objects meant something.  At least they were sent to the recycling which is being run by the municipality. Hanging on to these objects was perhaps a way to keep possibilities, a way to go back to a life that is now done with and too far back. Today I look around to a present that is too fractured and to a future that is as odd/perilous as ever (what will happen to my money in June 2021, will I get back the missing money that was supposed to come from Oman? Will this? Will that?). And yet, spring has come with its cleaning - make that springs and cleanings - considering what was thrown away.
Maybe in time we will look back at this period and say it was a new start or perhaps it will be business as usual when things go back on track. Whatever happens/does not happen, time proved to be elastic and disposable and getting rid of an economics book will not negate the person I am today.
"By the way, I tried to say, I know you from before".
No you didn't, but we will leave that to another post.